Safe Winter Driving


A large portion of Canada has seen snow by now, and it’s sure to be around for a while! With that being said, the roads are a lot less safe to drive on. This week we’re going to take a look at just a FEW of the precautions you can take to stay safe while driving this winter.

Avoid driving in blizzards or other bad weather if you can!

The best strategy is to all-together AVOID driving if you don’t have to. If visibility is low and the roads have yet to be cleared, there is a MUCH higher chance that you could be involved in an accident. It is much safer if you can wait until visibility improves or crews cleared the road and layed sand.

Brush off your vehicle and scrape the windows

Brushing off your vehicle before you drive is extremely important, and in some parts of Canada is law (more or less). Getting all snow off your hood ensures that wind won’t blow it off and into your windshield, which can be extremely dangerous. However it is ALSO extremely important the brush the snow off of the roof of your vehicle so it doesn’t blow off while driving and obstruct other driver’s views. Also fully scrape and defog your windows to ensure you have a full view, the winter is when it counts most!

Don’t drive tired or under the influence

Obviously, it is NEVER acceptable to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. However, people often over-look fatigue and tiredness. A study in 2005 determined 20% of Canadians admitted to nodding off at the wheel in the last year. Winter can make it worse because of the decrease in daylight, however winter driving calls for increased attention. That is why it is EXTREMELY important to be fully alert when driving in the winter!

Increase distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you!

In ideal driving conditions it is best to keep 3 or 4 seconds of space between you and the vehicle in front of you. However, when weather takes a turn for the worst it is best to increase that distance to 6-8 seconds. This gives you enough time to react and safely apply the brakes.

Plan your trip!

Planning is the key to safety! This means checking road conditions and avoiding any unsafe roads accordingly. This means safer roads and possibly a less stressful trip. Also, plan to leave earlier than you normally would when road conditions aren’t ideal. Give yourself time to drive slower and safer. This can also lead to a less stressful drive and set yourself up for a positive day!



Winter care for your battery


When the snow falls and the temperature drops, your battery can be affected many different ways. The electric current created by a battery is produced when a connection is made between the negative and positive terminals. When the terminals are connected, a chemical reaction takes place, generating electrons which deliver current to the battery.

Keep the charge high!

As temperatures drop it is extremely important to keep the charge full, or at the highest possible charge. The lower your charge, the more susceptible the battery is to freezing, which will make the vehicle hard to start without a charge, but will ultimately damage the plates and battery container. You can stop this from happening by keeping your battery warm. Try buying a battery cover which will help insulate your battery from the cold, or keep your vehicle in a garage- making sure the electrolytes don’t freeze.

Start your car every once and a while

The longer you leave your car out in the cold, the harder it will be to start. Starting your battery from time to time not only allows the alternator to recharge the battery, but it gets the “juices” flowing again to prevent freezing. The colder a vehicle gets, the thicker the oil becomes over time (unless you’re using synthetic oil), making the vehicle work harder. If your region is experiencing unusually cold temperatures try starting and running your car before bed for 10 minutes to keep everything fresh.

If your car won’t start

If you try to start your vehicle in the cold and aren’t successful it could be for a number of reasons. If your car doesn’t turn over or even make a clicking noise it is most likely that your battery has completely lost it’s charge. A boost may help in this situation, depending . The best thing to do is test the charge at a shop or parts store, or at home with an amp/voltmeter. If the charge is low it may be time for a new battery. The other cause is the battery could be frozen, so bringing it in overnight may help before attempting a boost. If your vehicle is turning over slightly or making a clicking noise it it much more likely that a boost will help as the charge is probably low, not completely gone.

Remember, if you have any further issues to call your local Integra Tire.


Preparing an emergency winter kit for your vehicle


 Winter is definitely showing it’s face, bringing new dangers to the road for drivers who aren’t prepared. If YOU have ever been stuck on the side of the road you know how important it is to be prepared!  So this week, we’re going to go through some must have items for your winter emergency kit.  Be sure before winter hits that you’re carrying your spare tire, a lug wrench, and jack. If it is safe to do so, you’ll be happy to have your spare and all necessary equipment. But remember, if temperatures are dangerously cold or if conditions are otherwise unsafe- please do not put yourself in harms way- call a tow truck.

In the case that you are stranded, you’ll need an emergency kit. Fill yours with the following:

1) Food and Water

Go with something that won’t spoil easily. Energy bars are great as they generally last a long time and will give you the calories you need to keep going. Keep water in plastic bottles that will not break when they freeze.

2) Jumper cables

Serve the excellent purpose of boosting a dead battery. You don’t want to be caught in the cold trying to find someone to help you!

3) Blankets and Extra Clothing

Always keep a heavy blanket in your kit. In the case that your battery is dead and heat isn’t an option this will definitely come in handy! Tow trucks can take a LONG time in the winter, or you might even be in a case where you’re stuck for an extended period of time. Also keep extra clothing handy, especially gloves and toques in the case that you have to walk. And BOOTS! This is especially important for the ladies who brave the cold in heels or flats.

4) Small Shovel and Scraper

In the case that you are stuck you will be extremely happy to have these. Remember to ONLY attempt digging yourself out if it is safe to do so. The cold can be deadly, and in the case that you are stuck you will have to conserve your energy.

5) Wind up flashlight and Emergency Lights

Get yourself a wind-up flashlight! Batteries in regular flashlights can die over time, especially in temperature fluctuations. Emergency lights/flares are great for signalling other drivers or even signalling help in an emergency.

6) First Aid Kit

Very self explanatory and ALWAYS a good idea to keep with you.

6) Road Map

What happens if you need to find your way with a dead phone and no GPS? You’ll be happy you went old-school and brought a paper road map!

Some other important items

Extra phone charger, candle, matches, whistle.



Remember to stay safe this winter, and have a plan of action in the case of an emergency on the road.



Why is proper torquing and re-torquing so important?


Have you ever had an entire wheel fall off while driving? Hopefully not – however without proper and accurate torquing and retorquing you, your passengers, and other motorists could possibly face an extremely dangerous situation.  And it happens more than you think! That’s why we stress bringing your vehicle to a professional when removing the wheels.

What is torquing?

Torquing is the process of specifically tightening your lug nuts at the proper pressure. Each vehicle has different manufacturer specifications for how the lug nuts should be torqued.

Let’s take a look at why proper torquing is so important.

Under and overtorquing

The studs your wheel is secured to are actually designed to have a specific amount of “stretch”. The proper torque stretches the stud JUST enough for it to securely lock with the bolts. An under-torqued lug nut will not lock correctly and an over-torqued lug nut will over stretch the stud, both cause stress.

  • Broken studs- The extra movement caused by a loose nut can stress the stud and cause it to fail. The overly tightened lugnuts can over stretcha nd stress the lugnut, causing failure as well. Replacement will be needed immediately and this can also cause the wheel to fall off while traveling.
  • Expensive Brake Problems- The biggest issue with over torquing is warped brake rotors. This is often caused by mechanics who tighten lugs improperly using a pneumatic gun.  This can cause uneven tightening accross the hub surface of the rotor. Because one or more wheel nuts is not as tight as the other the rotor pressure is unbalance when you apply the brakes. Once a rotor warps it can be difficult and costly to undo.
  • Stressed bolts- Without proper torquing to stretch the wheel stud, you are putting extra stress on the bolt and the hole the stud passed through. This is seen while driving, as it stresses the wheel assembly. This can also lead to a wheel falling off.
  • Extra stress on steering system- Under torquing can cause the wheel/tire to slightly “wobble” while driving and can cause the car to pull to one side while driving. All in all, this puts extra stress on the steering system.

Torque Pattern

The torque pattern means the order the lug nuts are tightened. Professionals will never tighten wheel nuts in a circular pattern, but a star pattern. This ensures one side of the wheel won’t tighten before the other side, causing uneven pressure. Uneven pressure can cause all the problems listed above and more!


Retorquing after the first 100-150km of a tire/wheel change is important. This is necessary due to the possibility of the metal compressing/elongating or checking for thermal stress affecting the wheels as your tires. Re-torquing also gives your tech the opportunity to verify the accuracy of your original installation.



Why are winter tires better than all-seasons?

severe_snowflakeLike it or not, that time of the year is coming! Pretty soon, the snow is going to be falling. And although the winter does bring skiing and hot cocoa, it also brings some treacherous road conditions. Soon you’re going to be trekking your ride through the snow, slush, and ice. But it doesn’t have to be so bad with the right set of winter tires. Many may ask, why do I need winter tires? What makes them any different than my all-seasons? Well, although this is often said by people who haven’t experience winter tires, we’re going to take a look at WHY winter tires are the better option.



1) All-season tires are a compromise:

And like any compromise, it cannot offer the best and safest solution for everything, only a half-way solution. Winter tires are a whole different science than summer tires, made up of different types of rubber compounds, tread designs, and sipes. It is impossible to fully protect your vehicle for every season with one tire.



2) All-season tires are not made for low temperatures

Many people believe winter tires are only needed for snow and ice- WRONG!  All-season tires lose their grip on road when the temperature drops below 7°C. So even though there may be NO snow or ice on the ground, you are still in danger of losing grip on the road and facing a potentially dangerous situation.



3) Tread Pattern

The tread makes a huge difference on the way your vehicle grips the road. Winter tires typically feature a unidirectional tread. This means the grooves are specifically designed to sweep slush and water out of the way better than all-season tires.


 4) Sipes

Winter tires also feature more sipes (tiny slits/holes in the tread block) than all-season tires. These sipes help the tire work better on wet-pavement by providing suction to the road. The more sipes, the better control and handling.

Overall, it is best to not risk your safety, your ride’s safety, and costly repairs for all-season tires. And once you’ve experience winter tires in a Canadian winter, you will probably NEVER go back!

If you have any further questions, feel free to call your local tire expert at Integra Tire. Until next time, remember to show your ride some love- and it’ll show you love back.

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Why do you need a Wheel Alignment?

Most have heard that you need to get a wheel alignment when taking your vehicle to a mechanic. But do you really know why you need one done to your vehicle?

Let’s start by explaining why you may need a wheel alignment. Your vehicle has many indicators that show a mechanic that you need a wheel alignment, including:

· Uneven Tire Wear – if there is more wear on one side of your tire

· Drifting – if your car seems to drift to one side of the lane while you are driving

· Your Steering Wheel Vibrates

· Overtime – with time you should get a wheel alignment. Check your owner’s manual to see how often your vehicle should have a wheel alignment and then take it in for servicing.

The Benefits:

· An alignment will ensure that your car drives straight and handles properly.

· Better gas mileage as your tires will be properly aligned with the road.

· Get less and a more even wear on your tires.

Visit our Automotive Services page for a list of services that Integra Tire and Auto Centre offers and for more automotive tips!

Sounds Like Trouble!

While driving your vehicle may make a wide array of sounds. Some are normal, while others stand out and may mean that you will be taking your ride to see a mechanic. If you hear an odd sound coming from your ride, don’t panic just yet. Below are a couple of sounds and some of the potential causes that can cause you and your ride some trouble.

Knock, Knock, Knock – a deep knocking noise coming from your engine. This sound could be caused by a wide array of problems including: bad or stale gas, low oil or it could mean a serious engine problem. When you hear this sound, you should take your vehicle to a mechanic to find out what the sound is coming from.

Squealing – a high pitch squeal when accelerating. This loud, unmistakeable sound is most likely caused by a worn fan belt. I would replace the fan belt. Be sure to consult your owner’s manual or mechanic to ensure it is replaced with the right size.

So what should you do? – Anytime you hear a strange sound coming from your ride, it is best to take it to a mechanic to get the sound checked out. This will ensure that you can get your ride fixed before any additional damage is done and that you do not break down on the side of the road.

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Nitrogen Filled Tires

Regular compressed air consists of approximately 76% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, water vapour and numerous other trace gases. So what is the point of filling your tires with just nitrogen?

First off, nitrogen filled tires maintain tire pressure longer and exhibit less pressure change with temperature swings. Tires inflated with compressed air can develop a buildup of water vapor inside the tire, which can cause steel and aluminum wheels to corrode. It may also affect your Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) sensors and their ability to produce accurate readings. Nitrogen produces significantly lower levels of humidity, reducing the potential for corrosion, and supporting optimal performance of your TPMS sensors.

The benefits of Nitrogen Filled Tires:

  • Better Fuel Efficiency as your tires stay properly inflated longer
  • Lower Tire Maintenance Costs
  • Increase Safety – nitrogen filled tires reduces the chances of tire failure
  • Helps prevents uneven wear

Check Engine Light is on….Now What!

So you’re driving down the road and noticed that the words “Check Engine” or an image that looks like an engine lit up on your dash. First off, relax and don’t panic. This light is part of your vehicle’s onboard diagnostic (OBD) system and turns on when the electronic-control system finds a problem that it
cannot fix.

So what does it mean?

· If the Light is steady, usually it is not an emergency but you should schedule an appointment for your vehicle as soon as possible.

· If the Light is blinking, it usually means a more serious problem and you should reduce your speed (depending on situation pull your car over to the side of the road) and have your vehicle looked at immediately to avoid additional repairs.

One Tip – Before running to an Automotive Repair shop, check to make sure your gas cap is on securely!

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Safe Driving Tips

Happy Birthday Canada! As Canada Day Approaches, there is likely to be more than the usual amount of traffic on the roads. So before you hit the open road
this long weekend consider the following Safe Driving Tips.

1) Don’t Drink and Drive – if you enjoy a few drinks this weekend, please plan ahead and find a safe ride home

2) Don’t Speed – Going just a little over the speed limit can seriously affect your driving ability.

3) Avoid Distractions – Many places have created distracted driving laws. Be sure to keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.

4) Wear your seat belt – Seat belts save lives and are essential to you and your family’s safety.

5) Don’t Follow to Closely – most experts recommend the “3 to 4 second rule”

Drive safe and have a wonderful Canada Day!

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How to Care For Your Wheels

Regardless of whether you just bought new wheels or you are still showing off your stock wheels you still want your vehicle to look good. Besides the regular dirt and mud on the roadway, your wheels have to endure brake dust as well as rock chips each day.


There are 2 Solutions that will ensure your wheels look their best:

1. Never pull your ride out of the garage OR

2. Regular Cleaning!

 It is important to always use a cleaner specifically formulated for cleaning your tires, as some may actually damage your tires and rims. Different wheels (chrome, aluminium) require different cleaning tools. If you
don’t know what your wheels are made of or are unsure of what cleaner to use, ask the great staff at your local Integra Tire and Auto Centre.

Once you find the perfect cleaner, we recommend washing your wheels every time you clean your vehicle (1-2 weeks) and applying some additional treatment
every 2 months.

Find New Wheels and Tires for your ride by using our Integra Wheel Selector or Drop by one of
our many locations! Want more seasonal maintenance tips?

By the way, did you know that many of our locations are now on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Like/Follow us online for exclusive deals!

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Tips for Improving Your Fuel Efficiency

With the first day of summer approaching quickly and Father’s Day being just around the corner, it goes without question that many of us will have some additional driving to do. So let’s save some money at the pump this summer by following these tips to improve your vehicles fuel efficiency:

1. Remove Excess Weight – remove the extra clutter from your vehicles trunk (golf clubs, winter tires etc.)

2. Use Cruise Control Where Appropriate

3. Avoid Sudden Starts and Stops – drive sensibly and anticipate when the lights will change to avoid sudden acceleration. By applying light throttle and avoiding heavy braking, you can reduce both fuel consumption and wear and tear.

4. Check Your Tires – underinflated tires burn more fuel, so check them regularly.

5. Avoid Excessive Idling – Idling can consume half-a-gallon (1.89 L) to one gallon (3.79 L) of gas per hour and pumps needless CO2 into the atmosphere.

6. Change the air filter to help your engine run more efficiently

7. Some Drivers often rest there left foot on the brake pedal when driving. Doing so can cause unnecessary wear and cause you to use more fuel.

8. Limit Air Conditioner Use – when driving at lower speeds an air conditioner that is on dramatically reduces fuel economy.

9. SUV owners – for some with really rugged tires on their vehicles, try getting a smoother tread on your tires. This can help improve your fuel efficiency.

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Simple Crafts To Reuse Your Old Tires

Are your tires worn and need to be replaced? Before simply throwing away your old tires and replacing them with those new all season or summer tires, consider reusing your old tires first! There are many interesting and creative ways you can reuse and recycle your tires for decorations, toys and furniture. Listed below is some easy crafts that you can do to reuse your old tires and keep them out of Canadian Landfills.

1. Simply paint your old tires and place them in your garden as flower planters. This is a great way to add some extra decorations to your garden without having to spend any additional money.

2.Create a tire swing in your backyard. Be sure that your tire is securely tied to a tree that is big enough to hold your weight.

3.Used tires can be used to create attractive lawn furniture. Simply cut and attach them. Be Creative!

4.Use half tires to create a path or flower bed boarder to give a unique look to your backyard.

5. A few tires stacked on top of each other can create a convenient storage pace for garden tools (rakes, shovels etc.) or hockey sticks. 

6. Try making jewelry and clothing. Cut strips form an old tire to make a fashionable belt.


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Summer Emergency Road Kit

Many create a winter emergency road kit to help maneuver the blizzards and black ice, but did you know that a summer emergency road kit can be equally beneficial. Being prepared with an emergency kit can help protect you and your family this summer, so please take the time to build one and explain to your family the importance of a summer emergency kit. Below are some items that we at Integra Tire and Auto Centre believe you should have in your vehicle regardless of the season.

Some necessities that can easily fit in your glove compartment: 

1. Cell Phone/Charger – this serves two purposes: it is a great tool for getting in touch with emergency personnel and road side services, which many Integra Tire Locations offer. It can also be used as a camera so that you can take pictures if you are in a collision

2. First Aid Kit – should include: Band – Aids, gauze pads, aspirin, adhesive tape, antiseptic wipes and anything else that is particular to your family

3. Glasses – if you need prescription lenses to drive, carry an extra pair just in something happens to your regular pai

4. Tire Gauge – use it to check your tire pressure to ensure that your tires are properly inflated. Don’t forget to check your spare tire!

5. Multipurpose Utility Tool

Some items that can go in your trunk:

1. Basic Tool Set – include: pliers, knife, wrenches and various size screw drivers. Don’t forget to include a Lug Nut Wrench that fits your tires.

2. Spare Tire and a Bottle or Scissor Jack

3. Gloves – although it may not be cold during the day it still can get chilly at night. Also helps to keep your hands clean while making repairs!

4. Drinking Water – this can be used for drinking but also as a way to top off your radiator in case your engine overheats.

5. Non-perishable Snacks – this includes snacks like: energy bars, dried fruit, nuts, crackers. These can also be used to make friends if you get stuck in those long traffic jams!

6. Automobile Grade Tape (Duct Tape) – the universal fix-it solution

Visit our Automotive Services page for a list of services that Integra Tire and Auto Centre offers and for more automotive tips!photo credit:ydhsu via photopin cc , elyob via photopin cc

Spring Automotive Maintenance – Part 2


Let’s be honest, there is lots of maintenance and minor repairs that needs to be done year round to keep your vehicle performing at its best. But who really wants to check fluids, lights etc. on a cold winter day. Whether or not you neglected your ride this winter, you should consider the following Spring Automotive Maintenance.

  • Check your headlights to make sure they are adjusted properly and are not covered by dirt and debris. This will ensure that you can see other drivers and they can see you!
  • Check your brakes! Like your windshield wipers, your brakes often work overtime in the winter. So make sure you check your brake pads to make sure they are not worn.
  • Get a Tune Up. A poorly tuned engine can reduce fuel efficiency. To ensure your vehicle’s peak performance, get a Tune Up at least once a year

Check out our Automotive page to find a list of automotive service we offer. Also be sure to try our Match Maker Tire Selector to find a set of Summer and All Season Tires that will improve the look and drive of your ride!

Spring Automotive Maintenance

With winter ending, it is time to start considering Spring Automotive Maintenance to ensure you get the most out of your vehicle. Below are a few Spring Maintenance Tips to help you get started caring for your ride this spring:

If you have neglected to clean your vehicle during the frigid winter, you will want to make sure you do so. The salt they put on roads during the winter can cause rust, so pay special attention to the underbody.

Check your fluids! This includes your oil, coolant and washer fluid.

With spring, come those nasty storms. So be sure to check your windshield wipers to ensure they are working properly. This will help you avoid any scary moments on the road!

The change in temperature causes the pressure in your tires to change. So be sure you check to make sure your tires are filled properly. This will help you get better gas mileage and reduce the ware on your tires!

Have a busy schedule? Check out our Automotive page to find a list of automotive service we offer. We also have great Summer and all Season Tires to improve the look and drive of your ride!




The Blizzak DM-V1 is Bridgestone’s light truck/SUV studless ice and snow winter tire developed for the drivers of pickup, crossover and sport utility vehicles. It is designed with a focus on ice traction and braking, as well as wet road handling and hydroplaning resistance – providing confidence during wintertime driving.


With it’s new multi-cell compound and advanced 3-D Sipe technology, the Bridgestone Blizzak WS70 delivers improved snow and slush performance and is a reliable ride in icy conditions. It’s a tire that will help get you to your destination – regardless of the forecast.

Myth #5: Whom can you trust?

We’re back this week with the final installment of our series, dispelling the myths on automotive service. This week, we’re looking at trust, the basis of our business.

Don’t buy the myth that you can only trust the dealership.

You can trust Integra Tire to keep your vehicle running the way it should and to help you save money in the process. Compare our quality; we’re sure you’ll be impressed. We’re all about making it easier to get what you need. For example, if you’re looking for spring or summer tires, our matchmaker tire selector helps you find your perfect match in no time at all. Whatever your needs, Integra Tire takes the guesswork out of keeping your vehicle performing at its optimum level.

In our business, Trust is a Must. And you can trust Integra to keep your vehicle running smoothly day in and day out.

Myth #4: Factory parts folklore

As always, we’re back dispelling myths about automotive service. This week: factory vs. aftermarket supplier parts.

Don’t buy the myth that only factory parts will do.

Most aftermarket suppliers offer products that meet or exceed original quality. But your dealer can’t always shop for the best solution because they’re tied to their factory. At Integra, with our network, we can find the best quality parts at the best price and pass the savings on to you.

Myth #3: The “right stuff” urban legend

When your vehicle needs attention, you’ve got to take it to people with the know-how to get it up and running.

Don’t buy the myth that only the dealership has the tools to do the job.

Rigid safety standards require qualified repair shops like Integra Tire to use the proper diagnostic equipment and tools when performing work that may affect the safety of your vehicle. At Integra Tire, we don’t perform work on any vehicle unless we have the right diagnostic equipment and tools to do so safely and effectively. So you can put your fears aside and trust us to get the work done properly.

Stay tuned for next week, when we’ll look at parts folklore.

Myth #2: The service record saga

We’re back again, bringing you the truth about servicing your vehicle. On the agenda this week, we’re talking about keeping your service record up to date.

Don’t buy the myth that only the dealership can keep your service record current!

Have you ever been told that you have to go to the dealership to keep your service record up to date? Well, that’s just not true. At Integra Tire, we’ll maintain your service history and have it available to you. We have access, through many on-line services, to your recommended service schedule. And this allows us to see exactly what needs to be done and when. Click here to learn more about our services.

Join us next week when we bust another myth!

Setting the record straight on automotive service

There are a lot of myths out there about automotive service. Well, we’re here to set the record straight. This five-part series will tell you the truth, help you sift through the misconceptions, so you won’t have to spend your money on myths again.

Myth #1: The warranty wives’ tale

This week, we’ll look at a long held falsehood. Some people believe that you absolutely have to go to a dealership to get proper service.

Don’t buy the myth that you’ll lose your warranty!

The truth? You are legally entitled to have a qualified, independent shop like Integra Tire service your vehicle for work not covered by your warranty. We’re fully approved and can often save you money. If your dealer is obliged to do the work for free, we’ll tell you and even arrange the service on your behalf.

So remember, you don’t have to go to your dealer to get warranty-approved service. Stay tuned for next week’s myth-busting blog post.

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Emission System

Worn spark plugs, aging wires or a restricted fuel injector can reduce your fuel efficiency as much as 30 percent. They should be inspected annually and replaced or serviced as needed.

Under Car Care

Now is a good time to inspect the entire brake system, including brake linings, rotors and drums. Shocks and struts should be inspected for physical damage such as leaking, rust or dents.


Your vehicle’s engine oil should be changed every 5,000 kilometres or three to four months; make this part of your spring maintenance, including a check-up on your power steering fluid, transmission fluid and antifreeze/coolant, which should be refreshed every two years. Our automotive technicians can pressurize your cooling system to check for any leaks, including your radiator cap.

Wiper Blades

Wiper blades are an inexpensive but vital part of maintaining good visibility. Over the winter months they become worn from removing ice and slush from your windshield. Check them for wear and ensure they are making good contact with your windshield.


Winter driving is taxing on your battery and charging system; cold starts and heating system operation all contribute to battery wear. Spring is a great time to have your battery tested and inspected. Battery terminal posts and cables should be inspected and cleaned as necessary to ensure trouble-free operation.


As temperatures change, so does the air pressure in your tires. Over the course of winter, it is not uncommon for tires to lose two to five pounds of air pressure, resulting in increased rolling resistance, changes in traction capabilities, uneven wear patterns and an increase in fuel consumption.

If your current tires are intended for spring and summer use you probably need to have them rotated as part of your regular maintenance schedule. Make arrangements for both a tire pressure check & inspection (complimentary at any Integra Tire location) and a tire rotation, if due.

Should your vehicle require new tires, please be aware that many of our tire partners are offering spring incentives on their products. Call your local Integra Tire dealer for more information.






Red Deer



What’s your tire telling you?

When it comes to tires, most of us glance at them – to make sure they’re not flat – before jumping in the car and heading to our destination. We rarely think of tire codes as information that anyone beyond an automotive or tire technician or store manager would need to know. Believe it or not, these codes can tell you a lot about your tires and how to take better care of your vehicle. (more…)

Fort McMurray

We are an authorized Michelin, BF Goodrich, Uniroyal, Yokohama, Toyo, Retread (Ringtread) dealer.

Outsmarting icy roads

We’ve all been there—trudging through the snow in the bitter cold, starting the car engine (sometimes taking multiple tries), scraping and defrosting the windows and warming the car up before finally hitting the road. Sound familiar? Here in Canada, block heaters and window scrapers are about as foreign as hockey and bacon. (more…)

Brake systems

We can’t stress it enough—healthy brakes improve your safety and protect your vehicle. That’s why it’s so important to have your brake systems properly maintained.

You may have a brake problem if:

  • The red “brake” lamp on the dash lights up
  • Your “ABS” or “Anti-lock” dash indicator is lit while you are driving
  • You can hear a grinding sound or squealing coming from the wheel area
  • Your steering wheel shakes when you apply the brakes
  • The brake system feels different (e.g. the car pulls to one side when braking)

If you experience any of the above problems, bring your car to your nearest Integra Tire & Auto Centre location for inspection as soon as possible.

Back to services


Oil and lube service

Changing your oil regularly is one of the best investments you can make for your vehicle. Just two oil changes per year can save you from costly repairs to your engine.

Your engine operates at high temperatures. Over time this causes thermal breakdown in your engine oil. And when engine parts aren’t properly lubricated, they can rub together and wear out, causing major damage.

We recommend an oil change every 5,000 km or six months —whichever comes first. The next time you need some car love, bring your car to your nearest Integra Tire & Auto Centre location. Our highly trained service providers will happily perform your oil change.

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Air conditioning

As part of your regular-scheduled oil service every three months or 5,000 km, your air conditioning belts and hoses should be inspected as well. Be sure to inspect your entire air conditioning system ever 12 months or 24,000 km.

You may need to replace your A/C location if you spot the following issues:

  • A fan or blower that’s louder than usual
  • A compressor that frequently engages and disengages (seen as surge or drop in engine RPM)
  • Rough idling or high engine temperatures whenever you run A/C
  • Dash controls that are not working properly
  • Musty odours in the cabin of your vehicle
  • Water on the floor

Wheel alignment

Proper wheel alignment helps ensure that your vehicle handles correctly; it also increases the life and performance of your tires. Your steering and suspension components should be inspected every 12 months or 24,000 km and checked whenever you are replacing tires.

Signs you may need an alignment:

  • You need hold the steering wheel to drive straight ahead
  • You’ve just changed the tires
  • You have hit a large pot-hole or curb
  • You’ve been involved in a collision
  • Steering or suspension parts such as the tie rods, control arms, bushings or idler arm have been changed
  • You’ve driven the first 3,000 km in a new car


As a general rule, your transmission fluid and filter should be replaced every two years or 48,000 km. The filter captures contaminants including the metal shavings that are generated under normal operating conditions. It can even trap broken parts that could lead to bigger problems if they travel through the transmission.

Be sure to follow these helpful transmission tips:

  • Flushing and filling the transmission and torque converter will remove more contaminants than simply draining from the transmission pan.
  • Transmission fluids with names like Dexron III/Mercon V or ATF+4 or Type F are designed for specific vehicles. Your owner’s manual or transmission dipstick will recommend a specific formula for you.
  • Towing and severe driving conditions including quick stops and starts, steep hills and spinning wheels can all generate heat—and heat is the transmission fluid’s biggest enemy. If you regularly expose your vehicle to these severe conditions, consider a premium fluid such as a synthetic formula.

Fuel system

As part of your regular-scheduled oil service, our experts recommend a fuel filter inspection as well. Replacement of the fuel filter is recommended every two years or 48,000 km. Have your fuel system cleaned every 12 months or 24,000 km.

The fuel filter is responsible for capturing dirt and rust from your fuel tank. Be sure to replace it whenever a new fuel pump is installed, or if work is conducted on the fuel system.

You may require a complete fuel system cleaning if:

  • Your vehicle shudders while idling
  • The engine stalls
  • Your vehicle hesitates when you accelerate
  • Your vehicle is slow to start
  • Fuel economy drops

Vehicles built after 1996 incorporate the latest generation of onboard diagnostic tools known as OBD II. If a “CHECK ENGINE” or “SERVICE ENGINE SOON” light appears on your dash, seek service immediately to prevent expensive damage to your catalytic converter.

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Your filters keep your engine components clean and help your vehicle breathe. In fact, by changing your air filter often, you can help improve your fuel performance and economy.

When it comes to your vehicle’s filters, remember these tips:

  • Replace your oil filter at every oil change—we recommend every three months or 5,000 km for most conditions.
  • Replace your air filter every 12 months or 24,000 km, and more often in dirty environments.
  • Replace your cabin air filters every 12 months—or more often in areas with heavy contaminants or reduced HVAC efficiency. Do not attempt to clean an old cabin air filter and put it back in place; this will damage the filter and reduce its effectiveness.

Cooling system

Your vehicle will have either traditional coolant or long-life coolant, and each comes with a different change interval. Traditional coolant should be changed every 24 months or 48,000 km; long-life coolants should be changed every five years or 120,000 km.

When flushing the cooling system and replacing the antifreeze, you should also replace the following components: 

  • The thermostat, which regulates the flow of coolant from the engine to the radiator. This ensures the maintenance of proper engine-operating temperatures. It also assists in warming a cold engine and passenger compartment.
  • The spring-loaded pressure cap, which raises the fluid’s boiling point. A cap that can withstand 15 psi will raise the coolant’s operating range by 7oC.
  • The hoses, which should be replaced every three to five years, regardless of how they appear on the outside. Antifreeze/coolant chemicals break down hoses from the inside out. Replace coolant hoses in pairs.
  • Hose clamps, which should be replaced any time hoses are being replaced.

Belts and hoses

Your belts and hoses should be inspected every three months or 6,000 km—whichever comes first. A great time to have them inspected is during your regularly scheduled oil change.

Replace your belts if they are broken, excessively worn, cracked or more than five years old. Your belt tensioner and pulleys should also be inspected—and possibly replaced—at the same time your belt is installed. 

The hoses that deliver coolant from your engine to your radiator will degrade from the inside out. Remember—when it’s time to replace your hoses, be sure to replace them all at once.

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Shocks and Struts

Shocks and struts are an integral component of your car’s suspension system. They optimize vehicle control and handling and absorb feedback from the road, which ensures a smooth, safe ride.

Your shock absorbers, struts and chassis parts should be inspected annually and replaced if they are worn or damaged — just be sure to replace them in pairs. If you carry a lot of cargo or tow a trailer, consider selecting specialty shocks designed to respond to varying vehicle ride heights.

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Wiper blades

Ensure clear visibility in all weather conditions by replacing your wiper blades every six months, or when they start showing signs of wear including cracks, cuts, tears, streaks or chattering.

If you notice any of the following problems listed below, chances are you need new wiper blades:

  • Streaking: Tree sap, road tar and other grime can harden and crack the rubber, leading to streaks.
  • Chattering: Wipers will form a permanent curve if they’re parked in one position for an extended period of time, causing them to skip across the windshield.
  • Worn rubber: Wipers require a defined edge to do their job properly.
  • Split rubber: Aging or exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause the blades to split along their length.
  • Bent wiper frames: The backbone of the blade applies pressure against the windshield.


Our tire & automotive service centres are here to get you started and keep you going. We offer an excellent selection of truck, RV, marine and specialty batteries including our own Cyclone line — designed to withstand our challenging Canadian weather conditions. When you purchase any product from our premium Cyclone line, we’ll throw in a 24-month free Roadside Assistance program and a 12-month free replacement policy.

We recommend an annual battery test to ensure our extreme temperatures aren’t compromising your battery’s performance. Why not include a battery inspection during your next oil change? Our battery experts will check for any damage, corrosion and loose-fitting cables.

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Getting green behind the wheel

Many of us are looking for ways to become more environmentally responsible. Luckily, it starts with the little things: recycling, using less power or conserving water. At Integra Tire, we’re committed to driving in ways that are less harmful to the environment — because when you drive green, you’re not just helping to save the ecosystem, you’re saving money too. (more…)

We can help winterize your car

Get ready
for your
summer road trips here

Don’t let winter tires slip your mind

Just like the last leaves on the yellowing trees, we’re all clinging onto the final remnants of summer. But with the declining temperatures and Thanksgiving already behind us, fall is officially in full swing – and that means it’s a good time to start thinking about winter tires. After all, cold, snowy weather is nothing new to Canadians. And in some parts of the country, it’s almost impossible to predict when the snow will start to fall. (more…)


Michelin’s Latitude X-ice Xi2 tires are designed to enhance the traction of SUVs and crossovers in a variety of winter conditions, without sacrificing comfort. Its wide-tread contact patch generates acceleration, braking power and cornering traction for outstanding winter manoeuvrability.


The Firestone Winterforce is siped and studable for good winter performance. It features a directional, computerized tread design to improve traction in snow, slush and ice and is designed to deliver a quiet and comfortable ride regardless of weather conditions.


This all-new studless, light truck and SUV winter radial has an aggressive and performance-oriented tread pattern, making it ideal for severe winter driving conditions. Safety, practicality and durability – the Yokohama Ice Guard IG51V means confidence every time.


With its wide-tread design, the Hankook RW11 delivers enhanced braking performance on snow and ice. Pinned for studs, this tire provides excellent stability and traction in all cold weather conditions.


The Open Country WLT1 was developed to provide excellent performance for commercial vehicles in demanding winter road conditions. With a new design and profile, the WLT1 delivers improved ice and snow traction along with an extended wear life.


Whether it’s snow, slush, ice or slippery roads, the Observe GSi-5 has the technology to handle it all. Available in a complete size range covering a variety of vehicles – passenger, light truck, van, SUV or CUV – the Observe GSi-5 is the right tire for drivers looking for a safe and secure winter drive. The GSi-5 features over 90 sizes.


Siped and ready for studs, the Firestone Winterforce uses a computerized, enhanced directional tread design to improve traction on snow, slush and ice. This tire is designed to deliver a quiet and comfortable ride regardless of weather conditions.


60,000 km Treadwear Limited Warranty.
The X-Ice Xi3 is Michelin’s third-generation, studless ice and snow winter tire developed for the drivers of coupes, sedans, family vans and small crossover vehicles. The X-Ice Xi3 is designed to take on ice and snow while providing winter performance that will safely get you where you want to go all winter long.


Winter i*cept Evo is a winter tire with a sporty look developed for high performance and sports cars. This dynamic-looking tire provides excellent performance under winter weather conditions. The Winter i*cept Evo relies on the asymmetrical pattern to respond to slippery winter weather conditions, including wet and frigid road surfaces and snow and ice. The i*cept Evo features 48 sizes.


The Yokohama IG20 was designed to cut through the watery film on ice that causes micro-hydroplaning. Combined with a refined tread design, this tire delivers better grip during acceleration, cornering and braking in the winter’s worst conditions, including slush, snow and ice.

Help squash the warranty myth!

There’s a myth out there we’re going to tackle once and for all! Perhaps you’ve heard it: “To maintain my warranty, I can only have my new car serviced at a dealership.”

Drivers, forget what you’ve heard. You do not —we repeat—DO NOT need to visit your car dealer for regular service and maintenance to keep your warranty in effect. When it’s time for some car love, stop by any Integra Tire and Auto Centres location, and our highly trained service techs will happily complete your new vehicle maintenance. (more…)


This Integra Tire location has proudly been serving the Burnaby metrotown area for over 9 years.


South Slocan

Grande Prairie


In our many years of being in business, one thing has remained constant: Customer Service is our number 1 concern. Our goal is to continue that policy at all times.

Up to $80 back on select tire brands

Spring is here, and Integra tire wants to get you, and your ride, ready for the great outdoors with the Spring Love your Ride Tire event! Visit us for a set of tires and you can save up to $80 on select brands! We’re going to give you the chance to WIN back your tire purchase this spring. We also offer 60 day customer care guarantee and aeroplan miles on all purchases.

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Quality parts and great service!

26 year old partnership in the tire and auto repair business, serving Yorkton and area in this location for 14 years.

Our location is proud to support:
Minor sports and community curling events.


Friendly, reliable and quality service is our commitment to all our customers! We are excited about the opportunity to service our community and provide great products and services.

Our location is proud to support:
Minor Hockey & Ball, Senior Hockey, WHS Curling, Basketball and Football.

Swift Current

We are please to offer full automotive repairs and services! We provide great service and the best tires to suit our customer needs!

Our location is please to support:
Hospital Activity Books, Swift Current Racing Association, Childrens Emergency Fund, Community golf and curling events, Firefighters Association, Blind Association and Cattlemans Association.

Saskatoon (Robin Crescent)

“We build our client relationships based on honesty & integrity. We will not let you down”

We have courtesy vehicles available and complimentary shuttle service within the City.

Saskatoon (Central Avenue)

We are a full automotive and maintenance repair center for all makes and models form family cars to fleet vehicles.

Our location is proud to support:
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation & local sports teams


Maidstone is located between North Battleford and Lloydminster on Highway #16. The store is in the industrial area just east of Highway #21 and south of the railway tracks. Brandt Rhinehart has been in business over 15 years. His expertise and knowledge in medium truck and industrial is extensive. The store is geared towards commercial but if you require passenger vehicle service please stop by we are help to service you.


Our commitment to customer satisfaction and after hour’s service, especially in the busy farming season is second to none.

Our location is proud to support: Minor hockey and ball, Kinsmen Club, Outlook and District Health Foundation.


Our location is proud to support:
Minor sports, Jr. A & Senior Hockey, Old Timers Baseball and the Special Olympics


You worry about PAR and we’ll take care of your car!

It has been our pleasure serving the Kamsack area for over 17 years. We look forward to looking after the needs of our local customers as well as the many tourists that flock to the area. You can find us just 12 minutes west of Duck Mountain Provincial Park on Hwy #5. If you get a hole in one while you’re golfing, stop by the store. We’ll have the flat tire repaired quickly and have you back on the road in no time.


We thrive on doing the best we can for our customers. We have been proudly serving the community of Grenfell for over 20 years.

Our location is proud to support:
Grenfell Minor Hockey and Baseball teams, Senior Hockey, Curling, local 4H groups, and local community organizations and service clubs.


Count on us for accurate, friendly and professional automotive services. All the time! Everytime! We have a convenient drop of location for our Saskatoon clients. Courtesy car for our clients convenience.

Currently owned and operated by Billy and Dinnette Bentley, and this 3rd generation family owned businss has grown and expanded to include 8 bays and over 13 full time and part time staff.

Our location is proud to support:
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Clavet Minor Hockey, Community sports, Canadian Blood Services, Leukemia Society, Sponsor of Grade 12 scholorship for a Clavet High School graduate entering into a technical trade.

Central Butte

We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of service for all your automotive parts, service, tires and agricultural needs!

This family owned business has been serving the community for over 12 years, it is currently owned and operated by Mal & Ruth Taylor, Eldon Sangster and Brian Hawkins

Our location is proud to support:
Minor Hockey, Can Am Bowl, Fish Derby, Rec Board and Central Butte School Awards and Rodeo.

Carrot River

Carrot River Tire opened it’s doors in 1999 and provide service to the community of Carrot River and surrounding areas. With some additional equipment they now have the capacity to service medium truck, OTR and agriculture equipment.

Our location is proud to support:
Tri Town Thunder, Carrot River 4H Club, Young Womens Club and Carrot River Wildcats


Our knowledgeable staff are always ready to provide you with prompt and friendly service. It has been our pleasure to serve Biggar and surrounding area for over 30 years.

“New York is big…..but Biggar is Biggar”

Our location is proud to support:
Annual Show N’ Shine to support of Kid’s sports and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation


We have the equipment to service nearly all tire and wheel combinations. Our location is family owned and operated serving Balcarres for over 25 years.

Our location is proud to support:
Breast Cancer Research, Balcarres Lions & Lioness Clubs, Balcarres Broncs Minor & Senior Hockey


We provide our customers top quality and reliable service!

Brothers Darrin and Tracy Karst were raised in Assiniboia. They went into business in March 1994 and have been proudly serving their community for over 17 years.

Winnipeg (565 Pembina Hwy)

We build our customer relationships on trust, friendly service and satisfaction! We have been in business for over 20 years and we employ a knowledgeable staff with over 30 years of experience. Our location is computerized with 6 bays to service all your automotive needs.

Our location is proud to support:
Ducks Unlimited, Earl Gray Community Center and Fort Garry Blues Hockey

Winnipeg (2830 Pembina Hwy)

Always the same people, always the same quality service! This 100% locally owned and operated family business opened in 1985!

Our location is proud to support: Victoria Hospital Foundation, Children’s Rehab Foundation, Local community groups and schools.


The Pas

We always service our customers with their best interests in mind! Along with providing our customers with complete automotive and tire services we also specialize in custom car and truck building to get your vehicle from MILD to WILD!

We have proudly been serving the The Pas area for over 8 years. Our location is accessible for all vehicles including tractor/trailer units.

Our location is proud to support: OCN Blizzard Junior A Hockey, Ag Society, Demolition Derby, The Pas Trappers Festival and Opaskwayak Indian Days.

Ste. Rose Du Lac


“You can count on us for friendly, courteous fast and precise service”. We are proud to have been serving our community for over 12 years.

Our location is proud to support:
Souris Beautification, Souris Health Auxiary, Sours Parks Board, Souris Free, Style Riders, Music in the Park  “Jam the Dis out of Disability”


We are conveniently located downtown, so you can leave your vehicle for service and so some shopping or errands in Minnedosa, while we take care of your vehicle needs. We provide professional and knowledgeable service while maintaining a courteous atmosphere before, during and after any service or sale.

Fisher Branch

One of the largest auto parts store in the interlake providing our customers with honest, trustworthy, friendly and personal service! Owned and operated by brothers John and Dave Plett, and serving the community for over 30 years.





Williams Lake

Proud to be providing service in the Williams Lake area for over 7 years.

Our location is proud to support:
Kiwanis Club, Junior “A” Hockey, Williams Lake Curling Club, Williams Lake Golf & Country, High School Dry Grad & Rodeo, Mounty Timothy Ski Society, Minor Hockey, Minor Soccer, 139 Children’s Society and Truck Association.


Our fast, knowledgeable staff are always ready to go the extra mile to assist our customers. Family owned and operated for over 10 years.

Our location is proud to support:

Westshore Chamber of Commerce, Western Speedway, Vancouver’s Children’s Hospital, The Lions Club of BC, and the Gizeh Shriners of BC & Yukon


Owned and operated by “Woodys Tire & Auto Service Ltd” for over 10 years, we are proud to provide all customers with fast “speed lane” service, by courteous and professional sales staff. We are located one block from the Trail Aquatic Cetnre at 1995 Columbia Ave, this location has been serving customers in Trail for over 70 years.

Our location is proud to support:
Cancer Society, Heart & Stroke Foundation, Muscular Dystrophy, MS, Minor Hockey, West Kootenay ATV, West Kootenay Snogoers and West Kootenay Smoke n’ Steel.


Elizabeth has been running this location for over 10 years and “Betsy” is always willing to open up the shop at any time to accomodate customers. It is quite often that our seasonal vistors will leave their vehicles at the shop while they enjoy some summer houseboating.

Our store offers no fancy gimmicks or frills, we do the work at a fair price and our customers just keep coming back. Honesty, courtesy, awareness of customers feelings when their vehicles break down. We always offer prompt and friendly service!

Our location is proud to support:
Minor Softball, Chamber of Commerce, Lions Club, Eagles Hockey Team, Curling Club, Rescue Society and the Eagle Valley Snow Grooming.


Our location is proud to support:

Local sports/schools and hospitals
Ducks Unlimited
Canadian Cancer Society

North Vancouver

Integra Tire North Vancouver’s Tire  and Custom Wheel Packages are complimented by their “Preventative Maintenance” service, professional vehicle repairs, performance enhancements, and winter tire studding.

Our Integra Tire location is proud to support:

Welcome Wagon                                         Girl Guides                                     Canadian Cancer Society
Canadian Taxpayer Federation           Lion’s Society of BC                     Canadian Military Remembrance Society
Food Bank                                                     Harvest House                              Royal Canadian Legion



We will earn your business!

Our location is proud to support: High School Grad Bursary, Minor Hockey, and Breast Cancer Research

Exclusive Service at our location:
Autoglass repair and installation
Safety and House Glass repair and installation
Mirror – auto mirror replacement plus custom home and office mirrors.


With more than 60 years in business, this location’s reputation speaks for itself. Family owned, with employees that are trained and certified to work on your vehicle.

Fort St. John

Dawson Creek







Connie has been a resident of Sundre for the over 20 years, where him and his long time staff: Dale, Kayle and Jenn have been providing great quality automotive and tire services to the community.

Integra Tire Sundre is proud to support:
Eagle Hill 4H, Bergen & Sundre 4H, Sundre Pro Rodeo, Sundre Bulls & Wagons, Sundre Minor Hockey, and Minor Ball along with numerous other charities and organizations.

Stony Plain



Family owned business since 1958!

We have easy access and exit at our location for heavy trucks, buses etc.

Our location is proud to support: Big Brother and Sisters, Liver Foundation, 4H Clubs, Lakeland College, Rodeo and Minor Hockey.


Sherwood Park

Integra Tire Sherwood Park also provides heating and air conditioning service, plus we have a 4 bay car wash.

Phone us today and ask about our $89.95 “Service Special” which includes a oil, lube and filter with 30 point inspection.

Tire studding, TPMS service repair and winter wheel installation is also available at our location.

Integra Tire Sherwood Park is proud to support local charities and Breast Cancer Research.



With the purchase of 4 yokohama tires at Integra Tire Ponoka passenger or light truck.
Expires on: 04/26/2013

La Crete



Fox Creek

Fort Saskatchewan

Edmonton (99 Street)

Calgary (Ogden Road)

Calgary (MacLeod Trail)

Calgary (Douglasdale)

Calgary – Crowfoot




(250) 546 3781

(250) 426 8941

(250) 428 2000

Dawson Creek
(250) 782 1777

Fort St. John
(250) 785 2411

(250) 374 2195

(250) 860 3155

(604) 530 3092

(250) 256 4111

North Vancouver
(604) 984 3551

(250) 498 0808

(250) 836 2312

South Slocan
(250) 359-6990

(250) 364 1208

(250) 542 1989

(250) 478 8241

(250) 768 4400

Williams Lake
(250) 392 9551


As temperatures change, so does the air pressure in your tires. Over the course of winter, it is not uncommon for tires to lose two to five pounds of air pressure, resulting in increased rolling resistance, changes in traction capabilities, uneven wear patterns and an increase in fuel consumption.

If you currently have all season tires, you probably need to have them rotated as part of your regular maintenance schedule. Make arrangements for both a tire pressure check & inspection (complimentary at any Integra Tire location) and a tire rotation, if due.

Should your vehicle require new tires, please be aware that many of our tire partners are offering fall incentives on their products. Call your local Integra Tire dealer for more information.



Winter driving is taxing on your battery and charging system; cold starts and heating system operation all contribute to battery wear. Spring is a great time to have your battery tested and inspected. Battery terminal posts and cables should be inspected and cleaned as necessary to ensure trouble-free operation.

Wiper Blades

Wiper blades are an inexpensive but vital part of maintaining good visibility. Over the winter months they become worn from removing ice and slush from your windshield. Check them for wear and ensure they are making good contact with your windshield.


Your vehicle’s engine oil should be changed every 5,000 kilometres or three to four months; make this part of your spring maintenance, including a check-up on your power steering fluid, transmission fluid and antifreeze/coolant, which should be refreshed every two years. Our automotive technicians can pressurize your cooling system to check for any leaks, including your radiator cap.

Under Car Care

Now is a good time to inspect the entire brake system, including brake linings, rotors and drums. Shocks and struts should be inspected for physical damage such as leaking, rust or dents.

Belts & Hoses

A failed belt can affect your electrical system, air conditioning, power steering unit and cooling system. Cooling system hoses generally deteriorate from within. We recommend seasonal inspection of these components.

Emission System

Worn spark plugs, aging wires or a restricted fuel injector can reduce your fuel efficiency as much as 30 percent. They should be inspected annually and replaced or serviced as needed


The all-new g-Force Sport puts g-Force within reach of virtually every performance customer. Along with firmer springs and larger brakes, this aggressive tire can make a run-of-the-mill car truly fun to drive. With excellent wet weather traction, a rounded shoulder profile and g-Control sidewall inserts, the g-Force Sport means extra confidence every time.


Fine-tuned for confident handling on both wet and dry roads, The Firehawk™ Wide Oval™ Indy 500® is Firestone’s flagship ultra high performance tire. As its name suggests, this tire’s history began on the race track. You’ll feel the difference once you get behind the wheel.


The Pilot Exalto A/S is designed for sports cars, coupes and sedans to blend responsive handling and long wear with year-round traction, even in light snow. This performance radial offers European all-season sport handling, superb wet traction and exceptional control for total driving confidence.


From sedans to mini-vans, the Versado LX was designed to perform well, last longer, and features a unique tread design that will meet your vehicle’s performance requirements with speed ratings and construction technology ranging from “T” to “W”.


Have a passion for performance? The all-new Ventus V4 concept offers superb wet and dry handling technology. Advances in profile design, construction, tread pattern and tread compound have been applied together in one state-of-the-art tire. The result is a sophisticated tire that provides excellent handling in all weather conditions, along with an advanced, cutting-edge appearance.


This next-generation Grand Touring tire – offering the thrill of driving without compromise. With a sleeker, more advanced design that provides best-in-class fuel efficiency and better performance all year round, this tire provides improved ride comfort, longer wear and lower road noise. Plus it is made of a safer compound that incorporates zero waste rubber for the well being of the planet. So Envigorate your drive, and get on the road to a healthier world.


(403) 562 2743

154 Crowfoot Way NW
(403) 241 6100

#9 11450 29th St. SE
(403) 257 6465

5702 MacLeod Trail S
(403) 255 5592

4211 Ogden Rd. SE
(403) 269 8226

5035 – 99 Street
(780) 435 4641

Edmonton Transport Tire (Approved Commercial Services Centre)
5904 – 125 Avenue
(780) 477 9526

Fort Saskatchewan
(780) 992 1826

Fox Creek
(780) 622 2350

Grande Prairie
(780) 538 1121

(780) 865 2809

(403) 227 6616

(780) 928 3858

(780) 786 2003

(403) 788-0005

(780) 939 2200

(403) 646 2544

(403) 783 3998

(403) 843 2110

Sherwood Park
(780) 467 8077

Stony Plain
(780) 963 8229

(403) 638 3923

(403) 223 2555

(780) 853 5550

(780) 842-1500


A versatile radial delivers superior handling and stability on and off-road, with rugged good looks and a quiet, comfortable ride not usually possible in an all-terrain tire. Whether you drive an SUV or a pick-up truck, this premium all-terrain has a size fit for you.


This industry standard invented the all-terrain category and remains the benchmark on which all others are measured. Durability, control, ride, puncture and bruise resistant: this tire not only performs but also looks good.


The Firestone Destination A/T all-terrain tire is built for drivers who want to go where the road leads: from city streets to the back country. In rain or shine, this tire provides extra confidence when handling and braking on rainy days, ensuring a smooth and quiet ride.


The next-generation LTX M/S2 builds on the legendary status of its predecessor to deliver improved stopping capability, traction and mileage, while maintaining its exceptionally quiet ride. A premium choice for those looking for great highway performance.


For those who spend most of their time on the highway but like to go off-road to hunt, fish or just getaway, the RF10 is a great solution for your driving needs. It has the right performance mix and great curb appeal, in sizes from 15”– 22”.


Building on the legacy of the powerhouse Geolandar line, the A/T-S pushes performance boundaries on and off the pavement. Proven around the globe, this tire has the guts to take on the world and the grit to go the distance. With rugged performance, long-lived durability and ride comfort, this winner will take you almost anywhere.


The all new BFGoodrich Premier Touring is an all-season performer that delivers an impressive ride with exceptional handling in wet weather conditions. Its great features and attractive price point make the Premier Touring an unbeatable value for passenger car and minivan owners.


The all-new Extensa A/S delivers exceptional versatility and value for a wide range of passenger cars and minivans. With precise allseason handling and a comfortable ride, the Extensa A/S means extra confidence every time.


The Firestone FR710 fuses technology, affordability and popularity into one exceptional tire. Provides outstanding traction on wet or dry roads, and its wide footprint ensures a smooth and comfortable ride. This well-balanced tire offers versatility and unbeatable value.


The Michelin Defender is an all-season performer that delivers specifically designed long-lasting tread life technology, keeping your tire safe up to 33,000 kilometres longer. And with its IntelliSipe TechnologyTM, you can now stop up to 9 metres shorter that any leading competitor. Safety, practicality and durability, this winner will take you almost anywhere.


The Optimo H727 is a touring tire specifically designed for today’s luxury Sedans, delivering the driver a quiet, comfortable ride along with long tread life. Hundreds of cutting edges and open grooves insures outstanding traction on wet or dry roads…particularly in tight turns.


The Yokohama AVID TRZ is Yokohama’s Standard Touring All-Season tire developed for coupes, sedans and minivans. The AVID TRZ is designed to provide comfort, longevity and satisfaction across a wide range of road conditions, including light snow.


(306) 642 5557

(306) 334 2638

(306) 948 3376

Carrot River
(306) 768 2403

Central Butte
(306) 796 4775

(306) 242 0161

(306) 697 2856

(306) 542 2464

(306) 463 2277

(306) 893 4522

(306) 867 8343

(306) 584 2666

1210 Central Ave.
(306) 955 1913

123 Robin Cr.
(306) 244 8070

(306) 747 3142

Swift Current
(306) 773 2041

(306) 946 3055

(306) 782 2431


(867) 667 6102


Fisher Branch
(204) 372 6648

(204) 867 3145

(204) 483 2628

Ste. Rose Du Lac
(204) 447 3336

The Pas
(204) 623 4411

(204) 748 2894

2830 Pembina Hwy.
(204) 269 8291

565 Pembina Hwy.
(204) 452 0079